People Together, Virtually and IRL

Bizzabo is on a mission to bring people together and make events more rewarding for everyone involved. They began their partnership with Next47 in 2019 when we invested in their series D. Since then, we’ve worked together to expand Bizzabo’s reach globally through new platforms and routes to market.

“There is very good chemistry with the Partners at Next47. We were really surprised by their ability to really accelerate pipeline and drive business. We’ve heard that a lot from many investors, but when it was money time, they weren’t always really with us.”

Alon Alroy

Co-Founder & CMO

The World Of Freight

sennder is a digital freight forwarder based in Berlin that uses technology to help carriers overcome the challenges of a fragmented and inefficient logistics market. Learn how they partnered with Next47 to get to the right corporate decision-makers early on in the sales cycle.

“The logistics market in Europe is very inefficient. Seventy percent of trucking companies are family operated and own fewer than ten trucks. That means that there is a lot of fragmentation and a lot of inefficiencies. We use technology to solve a lot of these inefficiencies.”

David Nothacker


Most Awesome Physical Security

Filip Kaliszan, Founder & CEO of Verkada talks about how Next47 is helping him achieve his vision of making all commercial buildings run on Verkada systems:

“Some investors offer you capital. Some investors offer you capital and board advice. Next47 uniquely provides global access to customers. It's a way to enable the company to move faster and solve whatever programs they have ahead of them to enable that growth.”

Filip Kaliszan

Founder and CEO

Global Industrial Infrastructure

As a start-up targeting large, global, industrial enterprises with a high barrier-to-entry for new technologies, Claroty’s biggest business development imperative was to find established technology partners through which they could deploy their software while removing any unnecessary hurdles.

“This was the true sense of what you want to see when you are partnering with an entity. We’ve been to electric companies, gas companies, paper companies, automotive companies. That kind of engagement, particularly for a company as young as Claroty is a tremendous success in its own right.”

Colin Blou

VP Sales

$5M Backlog in Three Months

Markforged and Next47 teamed up following the company's C-round in a multinational effort to grow Markforged’s business.

“We’ve done a number of rounds of financing and met best in class investors. Usually the most you get is funding and a few introductions, but as far as having a dedicated group to sit down and figure out how to help your startup actually grow, to get you into major accounts, and help get you through other hurdles? I’ve never seen that anywhere else. I think it’s a great model and a new take on venture.”

Greg Mark